Prayer for Health, mental peace

by Sandra ()

Dear St. Joseph tomorrow I go for the abdominal ultrasound. Please let nothing major be detected that would require a surgery or operation. Also on 7th July I go for a pelvic ultrasound. Please let there be no indication of pregnancy. Also please let the polyp not be grown.

I beg you to please cure the stress, anxiety, depression that I’m facing thinking I’m pregnant. And this in turn would cure my indigestion, burping, bloating, constipation. Above all please help me get back my flat stomach and pelvis and please help the flab disappear. If I don’t achieve this by the end of this year, please end my life peacefully without getting sick, since I am alone. Have pity and mercy on me. Please help me die before my parents. Please keep them in good health. Thank you St. Joseph!

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