Prayer for Health, Hope and Happiness

by Daisy (Sonoma, CA USA)

I pray that my dad gets working again in the construction business. He has been out of work for 4 years and that has eaten up all of his savings, he has lost his health insurance, 2 months from losing all his work trucks and will soon loose his house if he can’t get back to work. His words are positive but his spirit is bruised, I worry for him. A 63 year old man who has worked so tirelessly his whole life should not be at risk of losing EVERYTHING! I pray that he gets back on his feet and can slow down and enjoy his life without living in fear of the unknown. I pray that this challenge only makes him closer to God and does not brake him. I hope that if he is given a second chance that he will be grateful for all that he has and will not have to be tested like this again. Please help people like this and help this country get back on it’s feet once again. I know there are a lot of people in my dad’s shoes and I hope they too will be able to live peacefully and comfortably soon. Lord hear my prayer and help my family to not worry and struggle anymore financially. We NEED Your help! Amen.

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