Prayer for Health for My Family

O God hear my prayers for my papa heal him God he needs to complete all his pending work on his own.My Papa is having right ankle pain from past 3 years God I ask for forgiveness for him please heal him he gets frustrated when he is alone at home thinks about our family and also tells us that he is giving trouble to each and everyone .

God give him hope that he will soon be healed of all his illness.God my papa is worried about my marriage also I m 28 and still not married and person whom I loved a lot is ready to marry but his parents and family do not want me in their family when my papa heard this he cried a lot.God I do not know what went wrong but we both always wanted our parents to be happy.

Now that we are separated we always want our families happiness God heal my papa so that he can do all his pending work.

I m suffering from ball balder stone form past 1 year this month by end I will have my reports please make that reports clear.My body pains a lot after a days long hardwork heal my pain.

Keep my mummy in good health she goes out to support my family economically to sell flowers be with her always.My brother is having exams keep him in good health.

Keep my family in good health and out from all evils things.


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