Prayer for Health and Wealth

by Rukiya (Los Angeles, CA)

Dear Lord,

I pray that you continue to send the many blessings that have been put the people on this website whom are considering no longer receiving your blessings. My family has been through good times in health and in wealth, and bad times. I have seen miracles friends…I have seen poor homeless families move into mansions. I have seen the hungry making Thanksgiving dinners for friends and families.

When times are good, we shall pray.
When times are bad, we shall pray.

Here is a prayer I have said. Always be faithful, a smile is the first step to healing:

Father, I thank thee for the morning light, and the wisdom to always have faith in you, no matter what. Please look upon my brothers and sisters, and give them the strength to believe in you. Father, I ask that you remove this curse of lack of wealth, and you shine your strength upon us. Help us smile through the good times and smile through the bad times. Help open our eyes to intelligence, good choices and creativity. To see that bad times as an opportunity to be more intelligent, and to make more great choices and to be more creative. Help us to remember this even when times are good. Help us to believe in your healing, in your magic, and to expect miracles. Only those who are positive, and expect miracles are open to your many, many blessings. Help teach us to be positive, and teach us to expect miracles, so again, we may receive your many, many blessings.

Thanks be to GOD.


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