Prayer for health and healing against illness

by Laura (Huntington, NY, USA)

Dear Lord, I pray for health and healing for my mother who has struggled the last few years with some serious health issues. She has received many blessings from you and has recovered from a stroke and cancer.

Please continue to bless her and help to heal her current ailments – she has swelling in her legs and some blood in her urine. Also, please bless me Lord, I am having some health issues myself and I am scared.

I need strength and healing as I face additional tests (MRI on brain). Please Lord, let this test rule out anything serious and allow my body to heal. I have faced much stress these last few years caring for my mother and it is finally catching up with me. Relieve my stress and anxiety – allow my body, spirit and emotions to heal. Keep me strong in faith, and in body. Amen.