Prayer for Health and Employment

by Jamie (Saintj Johnohn)

Heavenly Lord I know that you have great plans for all of us, including myself. I give thanks for the steady improvements in condititions from which I suffer, body and mind, inside and out. I ask now for continued healing in my skin, breathing, and liver and and mental health and all health issues of myself and of family and friends of this world.

I also would like for you to lead me in the right path to find full time employment that make the most of my abilities and lessen the focus on my disabilities- I believe you may have started this already with the angels you brought to me for which I give thanks now and everyday- always learn something new or remember something I forgot since the accident-with this new family perhaps provided by you to prepare me for future- and appreciate memories oprimary family please bless them all- friends and blood heart and soul.

please lord strengthen and heal my spirit in a continuous improvement as you have been heal this lost soul I realise as I write my prayer you are already doing the things of which I ask I give thanks and praise and true love to you o lord son of the blessed virgin mary the most pure of loves a heart can feel with no expectations just mysterious belief and hope although I do not believe, I know cuz believing would imply a possibility of being wrong- I know you will help and heal in those areas we all need most in a timely fashion- you are all knowing and capable of things we cannot fathom- you have given us this life by dieing on the cross you chose to bear for our forgiveness and yes lord I am sorry for my sins as I stand here to confess and repent all in one swoop (I have confessed to a priest my sins as well)….roman catholic with full knowledge of for giveness and hope to receive a general absolution with this prayer. with love and prayer for all man and woman kind I pray forgiveness hope healing and blessings. amen………..thank you…in jesus name