Prayer for healing

by Bxm (Texas, USA)

Dear Father,

I pray that my ex bf MA and I will please be healed and that we will learn to forgive each other for the things we have said, done, and have ignored or failed to do that have hurt us. Please heal our minds and our hearts. I know he is in a dark place, and so am I, and it pains me that I am unable to help him.

Should we speak again, whether it be to reconcile the relationship or as friends or to obtain closure, help us to express ourselves with words that are kind, loving, compassionate, and help us show patience and understanding towards each other. I have learned the hard way that words are difficult to take back once they are said. Help me to remain calm, rather than let panic and fear take over me.

Please protect him during his travels and help him overcome sin and temptation that he may be faced with. He is someone that I care deeply about and I wish I could be there with him in his travels, but you have other plans for me. Please help him know you better because I think he’ll need you. I’ll continue to pray for his safety and well-being. While this break up hurts, I want him to achieve his dream, but I wish he could achieve it with me.

If it be in your will, I pray that MA and I will be able to reconcile our differences and figure a way to make things work, and that you heal our relationship too. I pray that his heart be moved to want to be with me. And if not, give me the strength to carry on living according to your will and eventually be successful in healing others.


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