Prayer for healing our relationship

by Trae (Indianapolis)

Dear God?

I come to you today humbly to ask for healing in my relationship with the man I love. It’s been a long journey for us and part of our journey together in life has been delayed due to distance of miles and timing. Whenever one of us has been free, the other has been in a relationship.

He is the person that makes me laught, smile, trust, and I always feel like I am the most beautiful person in the room when I am with him. During one of the times timing kept us from one another, he was in a relationship that so damaged him that he carries part of that with him. What’s hard is that I know he loves me and what’s more is I see it in his eyes, but it seems he is blocking the blessing (me) that is right in front of him.

We are very different but alike in many ways. I wear my heart on my sleeve and he prides himself on being thick skinned. Life is so very short and true love does not happen often. I know things happen in God’s time, I just pray and ask humbly that we don’t waste another few years. I pray that now is our time and that God gives him clarity and allows my love to open his heart. I pray that you show me what to do and to show us how to come together and not take our time on this earth or our love for granted. I pray you show me the signs and that I recognize them. I pray that he and I go on this journey together and let God lead our steps. I pray and ask that you enter his heart and mind each day and help him listen to your words.

I pray that you help him open his heart to us. If anyone is reading this site, I ask for your prayers for us, TJ & GM

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