prayer for healing our relationship

by Kerri (Nevada)

Dear Father,

Please use your mercy to heal Aaron and my relationship. I have learned and reflected through this time apart and realize that I’ve been acting toward him with fear rather than love. My insecurities have allowed evil to seep in where your love should always dwell.

I know we share a strong bond and can learn from our mistakes to build a strong foundation where we’ve shattered in the past. I love him truly and deeply with all my heart. Please use your mercy to grant him the awareness that he values our bond and will work to keep it together and stronger in the future. Please grant him the desire to give us another chance and me the patience to wait for this opportunity.

Allow us both to set aside our pride for the good of our union and become more loving, patient and intimate in the future. I promise to keep you a part of our everyday life. This will fortify our relationship from the evils of jealousy, insecurity, miscommunication, and selfishness. I pray for this dear Lord. Amen.

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