Prayer for healing of my sister with bile duct/ liver cancer

God, please heal my sister of bile duct/ liver cancer. i know and trust you Lord, that all healing comes from you. Please cure her so that she can live to be there for her 16 year old daughter and so that she can continue to help my father with alzheimers. Jesus you so loved your cousin and wept when you saw that he he died and resurrected him. Please hear my prayer, that I ask for healing of cancer in her body.

I pray for all that need healing of cancers! I love you, Lord!

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    God Bless You

  2. Prayer for sister with liver/bile duct cancer

    Please Lord hear our prayers and please send love and healing prayer to her sister. I was just diagnosed with gall bladder cancer that has reached my liver. I’m having a surgery Tuesday September 6th and they’re shaving a piece of my liver and taking pieces of my bile ducts and then we will know how bad the cancer is. I’ve never been so scared in my life. Please give this family and especially her sister the strength to get through this. Amen

  3. Faith

    Good morning
    My prayers are with your Sister
    May The Lord s healing hand be upon her
    I pray for you and your faith and her daughter

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