Prayer for Healing of my Mother

by Jacquelyn (Mississippi)

Dear Lord,

My Mother has endured much suffering, sadness and loss in her life. I know and trust that everything is according to your will and divine timing. I ask, solemnly and sincerely, at this time, while she is going through such suffering with her COPD, declining condition, and what now might possibly be even more medical trouble, that you envelop her in your healing, loving, comforting arms and let her feel your mighty presence. I pray, Lord that if it be your will, that you heal her to full recovery, and help her be as comfortable as possible, instill her with hope of full recovery and give her your breath, as she is unable to breath well, ease her pain and suffering, and ensure she knows she is loved so very much by you and her daughters and family. If healing is your will, please make it swift. I know all things are possible, and I never doubt your miracles or love.

In your name, sincerely, A-men.

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