Prayer for Healing of my Illness

by Deniesha (Trinidad And Tobago)

Dear God

Please forgive for i have sinned and i come before you to repent and to say that i am truly sorry. So please dear God give me another chance at being the person that you want me to be. please Jehovah hear my cries o lord. i need you in my life because i’m so scared that i might have HIV or some other similar sti or std.

i am so scared o lord please heal me, i want a family and a husband and i also want another chance at a healthy and safe lifestyle where i can be a child of god and where i can serve u as the one and the only true God. Jehovah please forgive me and give me another chance.

Heal me o lord God. i am only 18 and i am so young, i have a whole life ahead of me please grant me another chance to redeem myself. Heal me o lord god Jehovah.
In Jesus name i pray,