Prayer for Healing of Church Trauma & PTSD

by Meghan ()

Please pray that I am completely healed of the emotional and mental trauma I experienced outside of church and also because of different churches my family attended and teachings my parents followed when I was a child. These experiences filled me with fearful thoughts that as a child and I haven’t been able to completely get rid of and have caused major symptoms of PTSD. I have been saved since childhood, but because my relationship with God as a child and teenager was a part of that trauma, often it has been hard for me to focus on God’s love for me rather than God’s anger. Churches my family and I attended were full of fear and rather than being welcomed as fellow members of God’s family, I felt like we were just another number added to the congregation. Thankfully, my family decided to stop attending any churches after my mid teens because they were causing our family such emotional and mental anguish and were having very detrimental effects on all of our individual relationships with God. After this, I had a period of time in my late teens and early twenties (in college) when I was able to focus on God’s love and those were blissful years. However, so many other traumatic things have happened as an adult too that I lost that feeling of knowing God loves me even though I’ve tried so hard for many years to get back to being in that state of knowing and living God’s love and trusting in that completely. Please pray that I can focus again on Jesus’ and God’s love for me and I feel his love and feel secure in His love. Please pray my mind stops obsessing about certain thoughts and that God completely erases them from my memory. Please pray I am filled by God’s peace and that I am not paralyzed by fear anymore so I can live a life that fulfills God’s purpose for me, so I serve God completely, and so everything I think, say, and do manifests more of God’s kingdom. Please pray I am free from fear of churches so that if there is one God wants me to attend, I will find this church and it will be a place of peace and companionship. Thank you so much for your time and your prayers!

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