Prayer for Healing of Cancer for my uncle and a family friend’s Mom

by Manju (Detroit,Mi,USA)


I am reaching out for prayer help for healing from Cancer for my uncle and a family friend’s Mom(she is in India).We seek God’s healing hand to touch them and deliver them from the Trauma and the pain and despair both are going through.My uncle has also been diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure too.Seeking Savior’s healing blood to annoint him and give his Heart the Super natural Strength to go on.friend’s Mom who is in India is in very Critical condition and Doc’s gave up,But holding on to the Word of God that Through his stripes we all Healed.Please Please pray for both of them.Need as many prayers as we can.I ask God to Bless each and every prayer warrior praying for others.

God Bless!
A Sister!