Prayer for Healing of all wounded souls

by Annonymouc (Deep)

Prayer for me as I suffer a lot because for each and every thing my husband will start demanding me money which I should get from home. He always forces to ask one of my uncle to sponspor him. He never likes or wants to work for that if I ask him to do any thing he start torturing me demanding me for money from my family people .

This is creating a lot of mental strain in me. I am so depressed because of this attitude. Now he with interest started distribution taking all loan and so on now he wants to winds up always tell no money tell your people to sponsor. He will sit at home because he can boss around me and say who will get along with you and so on and see that he has full control over the circumstance . He won’t help nor let me eat anything nor let me rest. He becomes so irritated and restless if he sees me sitting . I should always be doing all sorts of work . To see that I don’t have time to sit he messes the house so much and makes the place s much untidy as possible he will never pick up one thing which is fallen down. Their is so much of strain in my life. After doing all this he sits and laugh and I am so helpless that I have to compromise and I become an idiot in front of my children. They take the maximum advantage of this situation.Prayer that I may be delivered from this situation. I am suffering from the time of my marriage prayer that god gives a solution to all these problem.Prayer that god does a miracle in my life.

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