Prayer for Healing My Son after Back Surgery

by Carol (United Stated)

Please pray that at the doctor’s appointment today, my son finds out what is still causing him the extreme pain even after 3 back surgeries and a fusion. The constant pain for the last year is taking such a toll on him spiritually, emotionally, and financially.

The financial issue, or so his “mom” keeps telling him is just material things and can be rearranged and worked on by small baby steps… the other dealing with the pain and what that is doing to him is what needs to be addressed and healed.

And I believe with all of my being that the Heavenly Father, his Divine Healing Son Jesus, and the Blessed Mother Mary will come to his aid, reach down a loving healing hand and help my son heal completely and take away the pain he has been in for well over a year. I ask you to please, please pray along with me. Amen.

I promise to return your compassion and caring by holding and praying each of your names and families., Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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