Prayer for healing my scleroderma

by Zachary (Thomasville Ga)

I have had a disease called scleroderma for around 8 years now. It is an auto immune disease that causes my hands and feet to turn blue in temperatures that are around 60 degrees and lower. It is also a auto immune disease that makes my body attack its self. I hope that you all will pray for me. Thank you

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  1. God bles you

    My wife has same disease, it is very difficult I know. I will pray for both of you.

  2. we join u n prayer

    Zachary of Thomasville Ga,
    we join u and all those who r afflicted with scleroderma.
    Yes, there r internet testimonies of those God has healed, so that
    gives us great hope and expectation.
    Father God, n the name of Your son Yeshua, and n the power of Your Holy Spirit, we invite Your holy angels and U to interveine on the behalf of those being tormented with this affliction.
    We ask U to expose both the physical, spiritual and emotional root causes, to destroy the cause at the root and to replace the harm with healing and health.
    As U set the captives free, we will give U credit, thanks, and all fame due to U.
    Yes, there r also testimonies of stem cell therapies that are a step in the right direction, but r 70k for each treatment, so Lord thanks for medical progress.
    However, Doctor Yeshua is a cheaper and faster MD, so we entrust this curse and its remedy into Your Hands, for that is what U provided for Your patients when You were crucified, U rose from the dead, U went to hell and retook the keys of death and hell, U ascended into heaven to sit at the right side of God, and U sent the Holy Spirit to empower us. Now we too can have access to all that U bequeathed to us who believe. We believe. We receive, in Yeshua’s name. Amen. 9/24/2015

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