by Sarita (NEW DELHI)

I ( Sarita ) want you to pray to God to give me my partner ( Dick Benjamin ( Tinchu Ji ) Sarkies ) back to me. I promise God will be never the beat guy for him. I will change myself into one good person that God wants me to be like. please pray that he realize that am the one who wants him and loves him the most. if I did a mistake please forgive me & let him back into my life. and we shall always be happy as our soul pray for us.

Khudabaap please help us to our relationship & give me back to me my partner & I can stand according to him & he make a very good relation with me & send us together to spend a time its such a long time we didn’t go together out from the station. we have a relation of 15 years old together please safe our relationship. Amen.