Prayer for Healing My Relationship

by Tie (CA)

Dear St. Jude,

Please pray for total emotional healing and restoration of my love relationship with by mate. We’ve been going back & forth about where we stand. He’s left several times to pursue other relationships, but ends them very quickly to return to me because he says I am the one in his heart.

His problem is that he’s been emotionally wounded by his family, particularly his mother, so it’s hard for him to show love, and accept love from others. He drinks uncontrollably as way to cope with his baggage and fears. I am praying that his heart be healed, and that he be free from toxic memories, behaviors, and habits.

I am asking that our relationship receive fresh life and be blessed with positive experiences that bring us closer together with mutual love and respect for each other. Help learn to appreciate the good and benefits of being together in true love.

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