Prayer for healing my relationship

by Eirammik (Mnviapa)

I am in love with the most amazing man that the Lord brought to me almost three years ago….we have spent much time together, both alone and with our combined families…he has been off work as he got hurt just before we met and should be returning to work shortly. We are in a very rough patch in our relationship.

He is not sure where he is with the two of us, we are so much alike on so many fronts, and different on a few others, although these differences have nothing to do with our problems. I believe he has just lost his way as he has gone through so much in these last three years, with repercussions from his work, trouble with his ex, and i believe he has lost a bit of his self worth. We are not close in distance…many states apart, but very close.

He is much more spiritual than i am, although i am working on my relationship with the Lord i know i have a ways to go and i hope this most wonderful man and myself can work on both our relationships with each other and our Lord together. Pray that we work through this most difficult time and get back on track.

My Children are in turmoil as well as they both miss this most magnificent man, and it is so hard since they lost their own father years ago…my son remembers his dad, but the only father my daughter knows is this most wonderful man…please help to restore the relationship with all involved as we are all suffering…i pray in Jesus name…thank you