Prayer for Healing My Relationship with My Husband

by Renuka (Pune,Maharashtra,India)

thank u Jesus…. for all the wonderful gifts you’ve given my family…… but still my family is lacking love between me and my husband… no understanding…irritation….i m really going tru difficult time…always under stress.. even if my husband is not helping me financially lord is with me but i really need him to support me emotionally,mentally,manage finance.

he becomes very aggressive, stubborn at times….. i m takeing care of my home loan emi, and other instalment, taking care of house requirements,our child and husband…… i becomes very difficult as he does not understand that i have limited salary and his needs are many…. dont know frm whr to get extra income….
please pray for my family that things get sorted out and my husband should get a perfect job and he becomes a responsible father and husband.

i also have to pay a loan of 1.5 lakh which someone helped me for buying a house…which i have to return in nxt 8 months….. very difficult situation…
plz pray for my family situation