prayer for healing mind body and soul

by RM (Olney, MD)

Oh Dear Lord, I am blessed in so many ways with a great family and friends around me and the opportunity to be a part of your Kingdom and I believe you when you say you won’t forget me down here, I believe that you are crazy about me and that you are constantly pursuing me but Lord I’m trapped.

I’m trapped from fear and lack of trust in you Lord, I can’t let go of thinking I’m supposed to be doing something more to help myself and I know that I should just let completely go of all my hangups. Many things in my life have all gone wrong at the same time as I’ve tried to grow with you Lord, my pastor says the walls of my faith are growing and these feelings are of the unknown, that I’m trying to come out of my childish ways.

You know what lays ahead for me and even though its going to end with me coming to you in heaven, its that journey between now and then that unsettles me so.

At this age in my life I should have some of it worked out but Lord I’m so far from where I should be that its crippled me in pain and fear. I have no confidence in myself, I’m so discouraged by the littlest of things and even in a great setting like a sunset or with my loving family I struggle to be grateful. Oh, I think about it but I can’t sincerely feel it.

LORD, please slap some sense into me, its affecting my entire family and they know that I’m struggling and they say they support me but I can’t continue like this and expect any sane person to want to support me.

Lord, please place your loving arms around me and hold me and warm me, Lord, please let me know its all going to be OK and give me another shot at life. Lord I’ve never been so low and I don’t where its coming from- I talk with you non-stop and I just want to know that you are there for me. Please Please