Prayer for Healing in the Family

by Erdi (Canada)

Dear lord. Please I beg of you to heal my brother from his anger issues and drugs. He used to be such a good kid, getting 90’s in school until he hung out with the wrong people. I called the police on him today and I highly regret that for the reason that they arrested him due to damage of prperty and assult towards me and my grandma. I pray for a better tomorrow not only for my brother to go on the right track, but for my family who is traumatized from these scenarios happening that we would have never imagined to happen and especially coming from him. My dad has blood sugar and my mom is getting older 10 times faster. My grandma is living her last years traumatized and with no joy to live. She tells me that I’m the only reason she’s alive. My whole family is under lots of stress and I really would hate is if my parents died short and if my grandma dies the unhappiest she’s ever been. Please 1000 times o lord help my family and other famillies going through these problems. It is not my brothers fault that he got arrested, it is the outside world who made him like this in the first place. Lord forgive me for my sins and please help my family. Makeing my brother go on the right track can solve anything.