Prayer for Healing in my Relationship

(California )

Dear God,

please help restore my relationship back to the way it used to be. Everything has been so distant lately, and he doesn’t know if he loves me anymore. (And I know he doesn’t). Please just help me understand why. Remind me God that you’re the only love I need.

Please give me the strength to be happy and to overcome my tears that haven’t stopped. Please build up communication in my relationship so my boyfriend will be willing to talk about his sudden change in emotions. Please give me trust and patience in dealing with this. I pray that you’ll guide him away from hurting me and help him maturely go about this.

If it’s in your will, please restore our relationship God so we can worship you together. Please bring me back joy. Don’t let me become wrapped up in this worldly situation. Most of all, allow me to trust you and your plan. Please show up in my life and come out of hiding God I need you.
Your daughter

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