Prayer for healing in my one year marriage

by R. (Ny Ny)

Father God, I come seeking a radical change in my husband. Please transform his mind, heart and soul. My husband needs to know you in a deeper way. Too much, envy, hurt, sadness and depression in my husbands. Show my husband that he needs to see a marriage counselor to heal and to be free from all the things and ppl that have held him back.

Father, I surrender my husband to you. I am weary and broken hearted. I feel unloved by my husband and I do not know what else to do. Break every stronghold father God in his life. Break, the weed and porn addiction.

Break the spirit of laziness, doubt, indecisiveness, anger, bitterness, depression, fear and many other strongholds. Deliver my husband from the witchcraft that his mother practiced throughout his life.

Lord, loose my husband from his attachment to his car, his weed, porn and friends. Make my husband over. In Jesus name, Amen!