Prayer for healing Grandson

by Maria ()

My 4 year old grandson was at Sick Kids Hospital Monday for what seemed to be routine procedure, what they called ?cath? to dilate the blocked pulmonary artery (he was born with congenital heart defect). He had an aneurysm during the procedure which the doctors ?fixed? by putting a stent in to block the bleeding this morning. This afternoon he?s had a stroke and his left brain is swollen. Right now, he?s in the operating room where doctors are trying to open the skull to relieve the swelling. They hope that the swelling will peak and go down. Before entering the O.R. only the left side of his body was moving.

He’s such a little fighter since day 1, please pray for Samuel.

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  1. Prayer for Samuel

    Well, you didn’t have a date as to when this prayer request was posted. So, I am sending prayers up to Our Father, that Samuel is better now, and that he shall grow and be well. God Bless Samuel with all he needs in life to be healthy. Bless him with loving parents, grand-parents, as well as other family and friends that will guide him to be the Great man you made him to be. Keep Samuel healthy, protect him with the blood of Jesus Christ that he will not have to deal with this illness any longer. Amen, & God Bless this Family!

  2. Prayers needed

    Please pray for my 5 year old grandson Connor. He was diagnosed with mononucleosis earlier this morn. Pray for healing.

  3. Thank you

    We heard our little grandson was ill again and his Papa made arrangements for home to go to a walk in clinic. It was assessed as a virus … Third time since the fall. As I prayed they called and said it was a bronchial virus and needed our vaporizer. papa said he looked poorly and after a vist with us … Love, juice, ice cream and cheezies he appeared to look and feel better. Thanks for answering our prayer! Love j

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