Prayer for healing from Thyroid

by Jennifer (Ne, Maharashtra, India)

Michelle has her Thyroid in very bad shape and has put on a lot of weight. It is troubling all of us to see a beautiful girl become stout.

I pray the Lord, in His infinite mercy to heal her and make her fit to look after her two darling little girls who need her attention Lord have mercy for she is losing confidence in herself and in her ability to pass an interview which will result in her getting the post of PA to Principal. She has a very low esteem of herself and under- estimates her ability to carry out her duties despite her vast experience in the field – gained in the corporate world.
Lord she is heavily in debt with personal loan, car EMI’S and Credit Card dues – she needs a good job to assist her husband clear up the debts. Help her Lord to grow in faith in You and to be courageous in daring to witness You in her life in the midst of her non-Cathonic relatives. Help her to have the courage to attend Mass on Sundays and to receive the Sacraments through which she will receive essential graces. Give her Wisdom Lord to make the right choices in future and to avoid occasions of falling into debt again in future. Give her Wisdom to do always what is right .
Lord I pray for many others who find themselves in the same situation.Bless them O Lord with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and help them face the challenges of life bravely with You as their Guide.
I thank You Lord for all the Graces You have bestowed on me and my family. Bless each member of my family including the extended families
Please Heal Lily of her Eyes and Ears problems – her family still needs her.