Prayer for Healing from infertility and Pelvic Pain


Dear Lord,

I thank you for bringing me close to you Jehovah after this roller coaster in my life. Thank you for teaching me that I am nothing without you. Thank you for preserving my life up until this moment.

Lord i commit my ovaries, womb fallopian tubes, uterus into your hands Lord. I thank you for delivering me and forgiving me for the abortion I had. I thank you Jehovah for having mercy and allowing me to address the situation for what it really is and turn away from it O Lord. Lord I just bless you entirely.

Lord I have been unable to conceive. Minus that O lord, I have had strange pelvic pains and unstable periods. The doctors have given up on me O Lord. This has taught me father that man can only take care. You my God are the greatest and most compassionate of all the physicians O Lord. Father I struggle to focus on other things which could propel me forward due to this. Private doctors cost a lot of money Lord. Father I believe if you only Breathe on me Lord, Just one breath, My body will reset itself to how you made me, disease free and a happy girl ready to serve you.

I pray you oh Lord, with your infinite power mighty Jehovah, heal me. Heal me oh Lord in the name of Jesus. Teach me patience, teach me love, teach me kindness, change me entirely. Bless me with children O Lord and father that others may see me and Know that there is a God in Heaven. That even the doctors who did not believe will believe and all glory will be yours father. I TRUST YOU LORD, WITHOUT A DOUBT, I LEAVE THIS IN YOUR HANDS JESUS. I LOVE YOU MY LORD.

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