prayer for healing from illness and mind.

by Daniel (Paramount)

Lord, I come to you today in need of help. I’ve been very ill. With my depression and my anxiety. This is all going into a whole new level that I’m not quite use too. Lord I’m so tired of being so negative, I’m tired of not being able to have a normal life anymore. I am writing to you with fear. Believe me I trust in you but I still fear, my insecurity takes overy me and fills me up with nothing more than negativity and worries. I try to not get use to all this but now I feel like I am. I feel like my whole life would be based upon all this. I am also suffering from chills, weight loss and a small lymph node that has been bugging my neck and won’t seem to go away… I’m scared and I pray to you and hope that it isn’t anything serious. I pray for your healing over me and please cover me with your loving heart and may whatever happen be your will and no one elses.

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