Prayer for healing from hiv,restoration of marriage and financial breakthrough and a job

by Kays (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Dear Lord

I know I have sinned against you.I come to you to beg for forgiveness and to repent from all my sins.

I tested hiv positive and my wife tested negative now I am afraid she will leave me. Lord I love her and wish to spend my life with her, make her not to leave me and restore my marriage.

Lord I beg you to cleanse my blood and heal me from this sickness and disease. Lord I dont accept these results I believe there was a mistake. Help me become negative again. Lord you showed your power when you raised Lazarus from the dead you can also do that for me Lord.

Secondly I am in financial distress I need money for food and bills I ask you for a miracle for financial breakthrough urgently.

I want to go and work outside again please make me negative again so that I can have this job.

In the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit


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