Prayer for Healing from Broken Friendship

by L (South Africa)

My heart needs a break as it is literally trying to give up on me on worrying over a friendship. Never thought I’d be so ill I had to take heart medication.I pray for the healing of my heart that it not fail me because I let my worries and anxieties overcome me.

I take responsibility because I had to go and open my big mouth and tell him everything only because I was so driven by love and concern for him. How stupid of me. I never meant to cause strain, stress or any disruption in my friends life. Its true when they say “No good deed goes unpunished” now I have lost someone I love dearly.

I tried to apologize in a letter because I did not get the chance to apologize personally. I also pray for peace and the grace to accept that I am not forgiven since I have not received any response to my letter and that our friendship is broken. I guess I deserve all that is coming to me.

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