Prayer for healing from an abusive relationship

by God Knows My Heart (MS)

Father God,

I come to you as humble as I know how….I been in an abusive relationship since 2010. I wanted a boyfriend so badly that I put up with the abuse in forms of mental, emotional, and at one time- physical. I have supported this person through all his trials and tribulations.

Recently, he has started to curse me out and talk to me anykind of way. Cursing me out in text messages, accusing me of other men, and just basically being a mean and vindictive spirit towards me. I ask you Lord to shield me from him and give me the strength to stay away. I walked away from this relationship. I know that I am a woman of worth. No one deserves to be treated like dirt. No one Lord.

I ask that you help me to forgive and move on. Lord I ask a special prayer for him because I am not a malicious person. Lord have mercy on the situation. Lord you know whats best. I lost my mother and you have helped me with accepting her death and the things that came behind it.

God I am praying that you help me to be strong during this transition. Amen and Lord please bless my family Lord.