Prayer for healing from a relationship

by Audrey (Italy)

Hi! I have a relationship with a guy who is 10 years younger than I am. We have been friends since we were young and only last year that we got to get close and decided to enter into an exclusive relationship.

We have talked a lot about the possible consequences of having a relationship: his parents may not like it since i am older and what other people will say but we assured each other if we love each other then we both think it will not matter much. But somehow it did and created a “scar” in my relationship with his family since when I came home we did not admit the truth and they found out about it from somebody else. We continue to hold on to the relationship with much fear and struggles of what the future may hold for us since it also came to a point that the parents was not talking to my boyfriend, but I continue to tell him to be patient and obedient to his parents at any cost and we both prayed that in time, acceptance and healing will come.

Then 3 months after I left for my studies in Europe, I found out he has another relationship and was really devasted since he denied it to me and yet the other woman confirmed the relationship. With all the proof, I demanded an answer which he finally confirmed after much interrogation…I was mad and angry at him and was really devastated for days. When I was calm, I wrote him everything I felt and just wish that he would explain something to me and finally decided to really cut the ties and let him go.

I do not have much friends or family here in Europe and the only consolation I have is to listen/view webstreaming of eucharistic celebration and catholic gathering online.

On that day that I prayed for totally surrender and openness to God and letting go of everything..i was crying for two days and somehow felt relieved that whatever will happens after that day is God’s plan. Even if I wanted to have a “good” breakup conversation, it will never materialized…until one day he called me up and started a conversation…then he wrote me email to tell me how confused he was and how he regrets what he has done. I could not say anything anymore because I knew I had said enough, but still I tried to tell him to focus more on himself and praying for him as well for guidance and strength. Yesterday we managed to talk again and this time he was honest enough to really admit his shortcomings, he talked to a priest and seek his advice…now he made a decision to get back to me and he asked me if I can still accept him.

I admit I still love him and prayed really that we still end up together but he also felt that we both need some more time to think and we both understood we need time. I am still confused but I am trusting more that God knows what is best for both of us. I continue to pray for his healing and mine as well. I also pray for our families and may we truly be able to stand with our decisions and go through the struggle together or part ways. God has been consistent in His love for us and I continue to have faith that He will see us through. Thank you.