Prayer for Healing & Forgiveness

Pls pray with me to mend my broken heart. I believe that only God can resurrect a lost soul and can do miracles. I have been praying for a loved one to come back and been waiting for a miracle to happen, but I know if it’s not His will He will give me something better.I pray that He will take away the pain in my heart and release me from sorrow,

If we are really not meant for each other, I pray that He can put back the smile on my face and let me live in peace. Please pray with me as well for a friend to forgive me. I have hurt him by saying unworthy words which I regret after my anger subsides. I tried reaching out to him a lot of times and but I guess I have hurt his ego that much that he can’t find forgiveness for me.

I believe if it’s God’s will and He touched my friend’s heart he will find a spot of forgiving me, please pray with me to have our Lord touch his heart and mine.

In Jesus Name, Amen,