Prayer for healing, forgiveness, employment , and starting my new group home.

Lord, I come to you with a heavy heart . I’m hurt, stressed and needing peace and forgiveness. Lord I need you to come into my life and guide me lord. I’m trying to live right and do right but constantly get knocked down. Lord I seeking you help Jesus. I have a broken heart and I need to forgiveness lord. I pray that my ex will never forget me and what all I did to help him. I pray he change and want you more in his life lord as well. I pray he loves me more now than ever Jesus. I’m praying for peace within myself. I asking you lord to guide me and keep me focus. Lord I need strength and confidence that I can complete my goals for 2015 by starting my business and getting my RN lord Jesus I beg you to come into into my life and help me because I need you lord. I’m hurting and I don’t know what else to do lord. I lord love and I need you to keep me. I pray for good health Jesus, I pray for better finances, I pray for good study habits and I pray that you cover my family and I in Jesus name I pray…. Amen

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