Prayer for Healing, Forgiveness and to Restore Peace

(toronto )

Dear st jude. I pray for healing for the health of my parents I pray for forgiveness for my broken marriage my husband abused alcholol and drugs and eventually started being abusive towards me mentally and emotionally for the most part he rarely lay and hand on me I pray he heals from the demons of addiction that bind him.

I pray that we can one day have the marriage or relationship of unity that the lord god had intended us to have one of peace love and respect and kindness. I pray that god can heal us and possibly make this possible one day.

I pray for that and for the forgiveness of our families to one day see us happy and whole again and to be at peace and love with this if it is your will in this life and with the healing of our families and with their love and understanding let us all heal.

Forgive us as we all sin. Also I pray for the many people who write and pray to you may they one day experience their miracles as I pray I will too.
And god bless my son Cameron

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