Prayer for Healing, forgiveness and restoration of our relationship.

by Sherri (Indiana)

Dear, Lord,

I come to you in Jesus name. Lord I have sinned and I have hurt the man that I Love, the man that I am suppose to marry. I believe that you sent this man to me and now I have went and cheated, lied and decieved him. Lord you know my heart, you know how I feel about Neil. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Lord please heal his heart and show him forgiveness for me.

Let him miss me and think of me constantly. Show him his heart on how life will be without me in his life. Please not only heal Neil but heal me also so that I can be the most honorable loving wife to him. I know that I am not worthy Lord. I am a sinner but your word promises me that if I ask for forgiveness and repent that you will never forsake me. Lord you know my heart and you know Neil’s heart. We are an awesome couple and I am so sorry that I jeopardized that.

I seek no only your forgiveness but Neil’s forgivenss. God I know that with you, all things are possible. Please make this possible. Go to Neil and heal his heart and mind and let him feel that love that brought us together. That kept us so stronger. Let him know that we are suppose to be married. God I ask this in Jesus name. Let it be said, let it be done.

Thank you Lord for your love and grace and forgiveness. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins and I have been forgiven and that my name is in the lambs book of life.