prayer for healing for my parents’ marriage

by Heather (Pennsylvania)

Thank you for your prayers in advance.

My parents are going through some marriage trouble, and they do not seem to want to budge when it comes to apologies for hurtful words and feelings.

I have done something I’ve never done before in my life and left the house to stay in a hotel overnight in hopes that they would talk and this would have an impact on what is going on.

But nothing has changed and they don’t even seem to care to change. They just keep pointing fingers at each other. I’m at the point, that I don’t even want to come home. I’m frustrated and I paid a lot of money and no one cares.

Please pray that they will make a difference and change for this new year. They are already very ill, and them holding grudges and saying hurtful things will only make them sicker. This worries me deeply. I pray that they don’t continue to allow the devil to take hold and instead let God back in.


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