prayer for healing for my love one

by Loving Neice (Owings Mills, Md)

Our father God in the name of Jesus, my hand raised up to you my Father in. The need of your mercy and healing for my uncle John who is in the hospital and can’t help himself. I believe that our soul that you have place inside us all has the power to heal. Time n time again my faith n just that and your devine blessing on my life has heal me. I believe in your words “To walk by faith, Not by site ” father today I ask you to heal my uncle from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, every organ that want to quit to his weakened flesh an mind. Only you Father is able to here my prayer and handle such a request no man is perfect an no mans without sin. I. ask for forgiveness for him and us all I no when Jesus died on the cross all our sins was forgiven. His love for us. I can do anything through Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior and this request for healing is possible. I no that the devil is a liar on my uncle’s circumstances and I plead the Blood of Jesus over his body and his life.. The victory will be his in Jesus merciful name.. Amen.

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