Prayer for Healing for my family

by Marlene (Jimenez)

Father godI ask you to please put a shield of protection over me and my beautiful family . Please rebuke me and my jose injuries from two back to back rear end someone texting and driving and the man in hurry to work … Father god I ask for healing I. Our bodies n please rebuke or neck pain groin pain 6 bulg disc between me and husband… N please bless my husband who suffers PTSD from be in Iraq in 2007 father god bless watch my kids Jon n joss who suffer with you … I ask this in you son Jesus name please heal our bodies and bless familia

In Jesus name I pray amen

Please bless all our brother and sister
For those who are hungry please fill there bellies with food
For those who are thirty please give them water
For those are cold please keep them warm
For those who are homeless
Please put shield of protection over there heads and please keep them out of harms way
And father god thanks for
Luv me with my fault s n sins
Father god thank you thanky you for all u do and continue to do
In Jesus name I pray
Ps please bless my beautiful for pomperians isablela Luna ,Kobe jelly
Johnny twilight ,max
And my babies Jonjon n josss

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