Prayer for Healing, Finances and Relationships

by Christy (USA)

Please pray for my son, BM, that nothing toxic or negative be allowed to prosper around him, that nothing come between our relationship, his Catholic faith, extended family, God’s will, etc. Please pray he becomes slow to anger and experiences a deep, emotional healing. I would also appreciate prayers as a single mom. I’m in need of an increase of finances each month and ask for prayers that my business becomes successful, & I receive a wage increase at work, or that doors open for a better paying job. I want to help many people through my business & believe this is my passion. Please pray the Lord sends me many people to help. I’m grateful for what He has provided but sometimes fear & worry get the best of me. I would also like to meet a humble, kind, joy-filled, honest, Christian man, who will accept my son. I’m struggling with a deep loneliness & long for a healthy marriage. Thank you so much for praying for my son and I!

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