Prayer for Healing Drug and Alcohol Addiction

by Deejay ()

Lord Jesus Christ, we thank you for our Family, work and Friends. Please help my Brother Alex heal from his drug and alcohol addiction.

May he be receptive from the healing process given to him. May our family be strong to overcome this ordeal. We know Jesus that you are with us on this.

Please help us to be strong. Mama Mary please pray for us and Guide us.Amen

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for Edgar for healing from Drung Addiction

    Dear Lord, I thank you for ma wonderful and humble family that you created me in. Now Good Lord, I come before you to pray for ma brother Edgar who is drug and alcohol addicted. Father I pray that you heal him from all this sinful nature which has been torturing him since 1990s. Lord please heal ma lovely brother from drugs and all the diseases associated to it. Give him a new life full of joy and understanding, make him a responsible man and make him settle and make a family Lord. He is a good boy lord have mercy on my family and heal my brother Edgar and give us peace in my family. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ I have prayed and believed. Amen and Amen.

  2. Sade says:
    please pray for my drug adiction

    Dear God,u know me in and out.I come from so many things in life,thank u for ur Mercy and Grace.I have one problem in my life that I want to fix,and that is my drug adiction.Set me free from all the wrong doings in my life,and show me the way tru Victory.I want to set a better example for my 2 lovey children…I can do it Amen

  3. Anonymous says:
    Prayer for salvation

    The struggles of people throughout our physical presence on earth are real and painful. Please touch those whom seek your guidance and strength and build them up to overcome their personal adversities. We fear the unknown and at times question your greatness and abilities as we face our struggles. Please show us the way to you and reach us with your amazing touch. Heal our souls from within as no one other than you can. No where is your absence, we pray for small reminders of our partnership and that you lead us to you and your ways so that we may find our inner peace and strength. ~ prayer for prhughes

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