Prayer for healing body and mind and soul

by Debra (Oshawa Ontario Canada)

Dear Heavenly Father today I pray not for myself but for my granddaughters boyfriend ,the father of her unborn child .

Dear lord Steven lies in critical care as his heart lungs and organs are dyeing and his suffering is great , he is fighting a battle for life and I believe he is trying to live . I pray to you my dear lord that you will heal him and give him strength to become healed in all his afflictions that ail him .

Please oh lord hear my prayers to make him well and healthy as only you my lord can do . Please lord for he is young and loved by his children and family and is needed here on earth so please lord grant him his health and renewed strength so he can live a healthy strong loving life a second chance to look after himself the body you have have him .

Please lord god bless him and here me in my prayers tonight help him heal more everyday till he is again well god bless him lord thank you oh Heavenly Father Amen .. !