Prayer for Healing and to strengthen a relationship

by Christopher Davis (Augusta, Georgia)

I recently got engaged to my girlfiend from a different city from where I’m from. We have been dating for nearly 3 years by us starting out as an long distance relationship. Everything has started out great from us visiting and taking time off to see each other to long and romantic text message and phone calls.

It felt so unreal but very heart filling. She is everything I ever prayed for in a woman such as independence, educated, ambitious, thoughtful, attractive, and caring. But once I had gave up everything to moved in and be with her things begin to change. Of course at first it started out great for me personally such getting two jobs within a week being there and us still having that passion towards each other.

But things between us began to change after my dissatisfaction of one of my jobs and getting fired. Since then more and more bad things has been happening such as her spending more and more money to help me with my bills to the let down of my late model car which was my transmission. Recently I wanted to go back home for the holidays and since my car had to be shipped back to my hometown to get repair and by hardly having any extra money or no one to help me get a greyhound ticket of course she has made a way and purchase a round trip to get to and from home.

I was supposed to be gone for a few days and return on Christmas night. Unfortunately I had miss my bus for arriving at the terminal late and of course she as well as as I was devastating and back urging again. Now and lately she has been sending out hints via Facebook about breaking up and it bothers me to see such a thing.

Let me remind you that we are supposed to get married in the fall of 2014 and now feel like she is ready to give up on us while I been constantly asking God as well as advice from close family about possibly strengthen our relationship from all of these trials and tribulations between us as a couple and as individual. So this is my testimonial story on my biggest fear and do definitely need some guidelines on saving and continuing my relationship with her.

Feel free to comment on this message ONLY if have a solution to this misunderstanding I been having. Thank you and happy holidays!!!!