Prayer for healing and restoration of my relationship

by Laura ()

Dear God i pray you answer my prayer and heal my relationship of nine years. My boyfriend and i were preparing to get married but we started having problems and i unfortunately broke up with him in my moments of doubt, this caused him so much pain and i ask for forgiveness for this.

We have been trying to work out these things but he is afraid to commit to me now after being hurt. And his parents think we should not be together now which is making it even more difficult to work past everything that happened.
I pray that we can refocus on the love we have for each other and be happy in our relationship once more and be married as we planned. Remove all pain, doubts and fears from our minds. Help us to keep you dear God as the focus of our relationship as we forgive each other any hurts we may have caused each other. May his parents grant us their blessings to be married.
Please Lord restore his love for me and his faith in our relationship, mend our hearts back together and fill it with love for each other, so we may work through our relationship and be joined in the sacrament of marriage.
I trust in you dear Lord to answer my prayer and come to my aid as you always have. In Jesus name i pray. Amen