Prayer for Healing and Restoration of My Health

by Kiesher (Lehigh Acres, Fl)

Dear Lord, You have always been by my side though good an bad,I come to you with open heart an mind. i need you Lord in my life . I have not let past go an forgiveness I need to do please help me to forgive those who have hurt me and help me heal from the pain of losing my love ones.

Pain of my family and kids. Pain an hurt of this sickness I no Lord my life is not over you have the last say. I have Faith I am heal and I will live an be a new a fresh soul. You said Lord give you all my battles an you fight them for me . I give you me, my Kids, Kori,Amanda,Keanu,Amaya,Kishon,Atira I put them in your hands . My Family Mother,Sisters,Brothers,Aunts,Uncles, I put all in your hands.

My relationship Lord you have your way because if it not your will I shall wait. Help Lord with my tongue, that I speak positive over my life an others. That people will look at me and see the change an God in me. Restore me Lord.I thank you for keeping me safe and watching over me and never turn you back. Even when I have gone down wrong path you always been there I wanna thank you. Forgive me for all my sins. Help me do better.