Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation in A Relationship

by Abi ()

Dearest Almighty Father,

Thank You for always giving me with the gift of life and good health. Also, I would like to thank You for my family, friends and livelihood. Father, I am praying to You now to beg for Your eternal love and mercy that You will allow Arvi and I to find each other and be together again.

Please teach us to be more humble, more patient, more understanding, more forgiving, kinder and more faithful in Your holy will. May You bless and enlighten us to become better people on our own in the meantime, so that we may be able to open up ourselves to each other. Grant us, Father, more strength to face this challenge before us.

Lord God, may we be able to find peace in Your guidance and grace, as we work on being better human beings. Lord, we surrender all our fears and doubts, for we know that You alone can bring us together again. Amen.