Prayer for Healing and Protection

by Nd (Nv)

Heavenly Father, I thank you for all my blessings. I praise your name and worship you.

Lord, i pray that you cleanse my soul, spirit, heart, body and mind. Cleans me of all impurites. Free me of all negativity and protect me from all evil.

Lord i have faith in you. Lord i ask that you heal me, my family, and Ruben and make us happy, healthy, loved and full of peace. Keep us close to you and help us stay on the path you have chosen for us. Lord, my health isn’t where it should be, please heal me, renew me, revive me, and take all my stress and worries away.

Help me to look good, feel good and be good in your holy name i pray. Thank you for hearing my prayer. Please grant me this oh Lord. AMEN.

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