Prayer for Healing and Protection for my Mother

by Edna ()

Please pray for the total healing (physical, spiritual and emotional) of my beloved mother Edna and my brother William. My Mom is 83 years old and has severe problems with her feet, knees and ankles. Lately she fell twice and hurt her ankle ligaments and has lost over 10 pound in two weeks. There is danger of blood clots. My most ardent prayer is that she may live many more years with health, happiness, mobility and quality.

She takes care of William who is 56 years old and schizophrenic with a mental age of 5 years.

Without her, he would have to be institutionalized because he has severe behavioral problems.
My mother is requesting prayers for the legal and the malign spiritual forces that have prevented her from being able to claim her inheritance that her beloved mother left her when she died 15 years ago. She is the Estate Executor and there have been major obstructions from her sister, a sister in law and lawyers who betrayed her. She needs the share she inherited to be able to take care of my brother and be able to obtain the care she needs.
Thank you very much and God bless you always,