Prayer for healing and protection

by Nonkqubela ()

I pray that the evil spirit that is sent to attack and torment my relationship with my partner to be cast away. I pray for God’s healing in my relationship. Ever since this year started we have been experiencing problems with my partner. I was pregnant in February& he begged me to do abortion because he felt like it was not the right time for us to have a child. That God has given him a second chance in life after his failed marriage & now he wants to do things the right way. I refused & walked away but I had to come back & agree to do abortion since he was suffering from severe depression with suicidal thoughts. Lord forgive me for my sins. But now our relationship has been struggling. We have been struggling to connect. I have tried all I can in my human flesh but failed. He also tried but now he says every time he wants to come back fully into our relationship, he feels like something is pulling back. I understand that our relationship has been under attack for a while but things are getting worse. Please help me with a prayer 🙏🏽